Dancing Hands: A Story of Friendship in Filipino Sign Language

Dancing Hands: A Story of Friendship in Filipino Sign Language


Read the world to change the world with this artful picture book about friendship and sign language, originally published in the Philippines in concert with the nonprofit Room to Read, and artfully revised for this global edition.

Our new neighbors' hands are dancing. Their hands move as if to music. What are they saying to each other?

Sam's new neighbors' hands make graceful movements she doesn't recognize. She watches through the window and wonders what those dancing hands and expressive faces are saying. Soon Sam meets her new neighbor, Mai. As they get closer, Mai teaches Sam some Filipino sign language, and they share with one another their passions and dreams. They both discover the joys of making a new friend, a best friend.

This sweet and perceptive picture book by authors Joanna Que and Charina Marquez tells the story of two girls, one who speaks Filipino sign language and one who doesn't, learning to communicate with one another.

With playful illustrations by Fran Alvarez that celebrate the beautiful movements of sign language, this sweet picture book conveys the shy and fumbling experience of making a friend, learning to overcome language barriers, and embracing the differences that make each friendship unique.