High Art

High Art


If you find art confusing, perhaps you might appreciate it more with mariju*na.

High Art answers questions that have long plagued art history students, such as: "Is there an edible that will help me understand Cubism?" (Yes!) "Can a cannabis strain connect me more deeply to late-period Van Gogh?" (Of course!) And "Should I be intimidated by the work of William Blake?" (Very much so—but cannabis extracts can help.)

To get in touch with your inner self while viewing Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat, toke on some of Gravita’s Red-Headed Stranger and really feel the brush strokes wash over you. Or, while viewing Henri Rousseau’s 1910 Tropical Forest with Monkeys, you might smoke some mild Purple Monkey followed by a snack of THC-infused dried fruits for a body float that will allow you to connect with your primitive nature.

So whether you know a lot about art and nothing about cannabis or a lot about cannabis and nothing about art, it’s high time you expand your mind.

✦ Hardcover, 144 pages.