Infusion Kit: Home Sweet Home (Caramelized Apple & Spice)

Infusion Kit: Home Sweet Home (Caramelized Apple & Spice)

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"Throw the cookies in the oven, break out the photo album, and settle in—cause it’s time to indulge in an adult treat that is straight-up comfort and oh-so-delicious. This festive infusion kit is up-leveled by soaking the apples in caramel, adding a bit of rich molasses, and a dash of cinnamon. " ✨

✦ Includes a 16 oz. glass jar with custom filtering pour spout, premeasured ingredients, infusion instructions, and cocktail recipes.

 Ingredients are dehydrated caramelized apples, dried molasses, cinnamon.

 Pours perfectly with whiskey, vodka, or rum.

🚨 Allergen alert: packaged in a facility that handles tree nuts, dairy products, and soy.