Mood Enhancing Coloring Book Vol. 1

Mood Enhancing Coloring Book Vol. 1


Conceived to be used while you are high - however you get there. ✨🍃🎨

This mood-enhancing coloring book will help you smile, destress, relax, and focus on a simple task, to let ideas wash through your creative brain.

Your mind has many subconscious prompts to play around with, and you'll be surprised at the non-linear connections you'll make while trying to color within the lines.

Because it's such a simple activity, coloring produces a meditative state that helps stimulate new ideas. And as you can imagine, different colors activate the brain in different ways.

A portion of proceeds to Artist Endowments: Cover By Washington DC Street Artist and Painter Clarence James.

Coloring Book Cover Art is Called “Folk” by Arnold Butler.

Arnold is an autodidactic painter, photographer, and muralist, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.

For Arnold, creating ART is akin to the act of translating unfiltered emotions. The work is not about receiving money or accolades, but instead honesty, love and pure intentions. “Simply stated,” he has said, “I don’t paint pictures, I paint my prayers for the Universe to see and hear them.”


✦ Durable Hardcover.

✦ 8 x 10 inches.

✦ 29 sheets = 58 pages.

✦ 100GSM, Light Cream Paper.