No. 08 Mushroom Knife (Oak Wood Handle with Sheath)

No. 08 Mushroom Knife (Oak Wood Handle with Sheath)


Herald by foragers around the world as THE mushroom knife to have, Opinel's No.08 Mushroom Knife features a sharp stainless steel curved blade to help cut delicate fungi in hard-to-reach places.

With a serrated edge on the back of the blade to scrape off debris, and a boars hair bristle brush on the end of the handle to wipe away dirt, it features built-in tools to help with cleaning while out in the field!

The perfect tool for aspiring mushroom hunters and expert foragers alike, this gift set features a No.08 Mushroom Knife with an oak wood handle and synthetic sheath, all neatly packaged in a wooden box.

It is an excellent companion for heading into the woods in search of morels, chanterelles, porcinis, oyster mushrooms, and more. ✨