Porgy Backstage Progressive Readers: Vodka 1.50

Porgy Backstage Progressive Readers: Vodka 1.50

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It's time to take it backstage 🎤

It's dark backstage. Enter the Porgy Backstage. With full, clear magnification lenses, see what you're eating in the green room as you hear the crowd behind the velvet curtains. Two dot detail with "Goofy" and "Regular" engraved on top of the frames. These progressive readers seamlessly transition from no magnification at the top to your preferred magnification at the bottom, allowing you to see both near and far.


  • Caddis' proprietary frq™ near-clear lenses are infused with blue light blocking technology to reduce eyestrain and improve sleep.
  • Lenses include anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating.
  • Premium, bio-based acetate frame with 7-barrel industrial hinges.