Ship Cap: S/L Selvedge Denim

Ship Cap: S/L Selvedge Denim

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The Mister Freedom® SHIP CAP is a six-panel pattern. It features a lower profile, closer to a baseball cap, classic US Navy ship hat, or “dad’s hat” vibe. It is full denim and will compliment your Texas tuxedo nicely. 

Materials: Fabric: NOS denim twill, cotton/linen blend, selvedge.

Fit: One-size-fits-all. The adjustable snapback rear plastic tab will allow most user to set the headband circumference to a comfortable fit.The MF® SHIP CAP is cut from rigid denim, but are ready to wear as-is, no pre-soak needed. The stiffness of loomstate denim is normal, and is due to the starch in the fibers. The stiffness will subside overtime with normal wear. 

Care: Spot cleaning only, using a damp cloth to wipe the inner headband when necessary. Minimal detergent, thoroughly rinsing the cloth during final cleaning stages.

Union-made in the USA.