Tempo Sands Relaxed Fit: Coral Sands

Tempo Sands Relaxed Fit: Coral Sands

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Make a statement with this striking abstract print shirt, with captivating pale orange, rust, and black hues on a beautiful cotton/silk blend fabric. 

The weight is meticulously selected to ensure comfort and versatility year-round. Roll up the cuffs for a stylish alternative to short sleeves on warmer days. Our cotton silk blend carries the prestige of silk's luster and softness while offering a structured form that minimizes drape, balancing easy-to-wear practicality with refinement. We printed this fabric at a boutique digital print house that uses a sustainable process that reduces waste with no wastewater discharge. 

✦ Engineered Collar that prevents collar from rolling over.

✦ Concealed button-down collar fastener.

✦ Ingredients: 70% cotton, 30% silk.

Single Release Item: Will not be reissued after it's sold out-- 150 units made (# listed on inside label)

✦ Machine Washable

✦ Made in NYC.