The Book That Can Read Your Mind

The Book That Can Read Your Mind


Prepare to be amazed by this magic trick in a book! 

This is not an ordinary book—it’s a magical one! Lady Rabbit goes beyond pulling a rabbit out of a hat or making herself disappear. For her next act, she will READ YOUR MIND! That's right: You pick a member from the magician's adorable audience—don’t tell which one you’ve chosen—and this book will guess who it is!

Inspired by 17th‑century magic books, this interactive game in a book will enchant readers of all ages, compelling them to pick among many intriguing, illustrated characters and play over and over (and over) again. Now, without further ado... let the magic show begin!

✦ Best suited for ages 5-8 years old.

✦ Hardcover, 48 pages.