The Lint Roller: Pink

The Lint Roller: Pink


The most fun way to pick up loose strands, specks, and fuzzies! ✨

The Lint Roller has an acrylic handle adorned with the signature Staff smiley and a golden ring connection for extra shine. The roller component is a sticky rubber that picks up unwanted items with ease. Simply rinse the roller under warm water after use and it can be re-used effectively dozens of times.

The whole unit sits in a colorful canister so you can proudly leave it out for display.

Perfect for the fashion lover, pet owner, and/or dandruff crowd.

✦ Measures approximately 9.8" in height and 2.8" in diameter.

✦ Materials (all recyclable): Handle/End Caps are ABS (plastic), Sticky Roller is TPR (rubber).