The Original Tinned Fish Candle: Assorted

The Original Tinned Fish Candle: Assorted


Love canned seafood? Love candles? Well, get ready, because your dreams have just come true! 🐟✨

Experience the enchantment of tinned fish candles: hand-poured soy candles that mimic sardine cans. The magic begins as you peel back the tin lid, revealing a whimsical scene reminiscent of actual sardines in a tin. Dive into a sea of vibrant fish shapes elegantly suspended in olive oil-colored wax. 

Has a clean, crisp smell remiscient of sea salt.

We repeat: DO NOT WORRY--DOES NOT SMELL LIKE FISH!! We wouldn't do that to you.

WARNING: When lit for more than a few hours, the tin can get can very hot. We recommend letting it cool before moving it and using a heat-protective coaster underneath.