Venus Rebirth Bath Bomb

Venus Rebirth Bath Bomb


Venus Rebirth is the embodiment of the energy of the plant Venus. Venus is the only planet with the name of a female goddess and it has very similar traits to the Roman Goddess of beauty, sex and pleasure. Embedded inside is the crystal Rose Quartz, which honors the Goddess and has the unique ability to draw a higher energy into the heart chakra. Surround yourself with this crystal to increase your own self worth and awaken to the rare beauty that is you. 

Fill your tub with warm water and drop this bath bomb into the water, and just like the Birth of Venus, your tub will transform into the waters of the energy of this goddess. Bathe in this energy and arise from the water as the goddess you are. 

The aroma of sensual crushed dark berries, delicate floating flowers and warm, aromatic amber adds complexity and depth to your senses. This is not a bath for a goddess, this IS the bath of a goddess!

Tip: Use this to bathe on a Friday (the day aligned with Venus, the planet of love). You can add fresh flowers, extra crystals aligned with the heart chakra and this bath bomb to enhance the Goddess energy. Before you get in the bath, set the energy in your space by lighting a candle, playing some music and setting your intentions into a space of love and healing. Submerge yourself in this healing water of love, beauty and pleasure.