Young Americans Cigar Band: Gold Plated

Young Americans Cigar Band: Gold Plated

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Took a mystery train ride into Nashville for the wedding—the whole yard lit with candles in the green afternoon shade, the women in sheer florals and men in skinny ties, letting off lanterns full of good wishes and great cheer. We danced to disco and country western and ate hot chicken, chased with tea and beers. Under the Spanish moss and above the ferns are chrysanthemums and marigolds, frangipani and bowls of oranges everywhere, lucky symbols but the luckiest written on your ring, a forever kind of saying, in code, that you are loved, you live two times over: here, and in someone’s heart.

The Young Americans Cigar Band is a thick 9mm half round cigar band with an inscription of a character of an eye, a heart, and the letter U. Designed after my parent's wedding band, just two young Americans who fell in love and married in 1977. Fun fact - they both saw David Bowie in Ziggy Stardust era, my dad in London and my mom in Charlotte!

Sizing tip: May be best to size up due to thickness of the band! 

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